“Thanks very much for the amazing tour of The Executioner! You did a great job scheduling and tweeting out the tour. It was great to hear the positive feedback from book bloggers. I highly recommend for authors to schedule a tour versus try to organize one themselves, especially with Dark World Books :)”


“Dark World Books were a key component of a campaign to increase awareness of my book, Room 3. Not only did their tour accomplish that goal, they also boosted sales and opened doors for a few unexpected new promotional opportunities. Franny and her team were always attentive to my needs, quick to respond, and highly professional. I recommend them without hesitation.”


“I can’t recommend Silvia highly enough. I came to her and Dark World Books with a requirement to rebuild my website from top to bottom, bringing its design and functionality up to more “modern” specs. Right out of the gate, Silvia allayed my fears that the request might be too much, assuring me that she had a plan in mind and was, in fact, enthusiastic about the opportunity. I’m a process guy in my day-to-day working life, and I took note of her process right away. Like any good designer, she started by gathering requirements and using those to synthesize possible design and functional solutions. It didn’t take her long to understand my needs and tastes and come up with a suitable, holistic approach.

Once we had hammered out the major details, she went forward with the plan, consulting with me on the “big” decisions and using her judgment for the smaller stuff (and her judgment proved to be worth trusting, believe me). I found her execution and communication to be nothing short of flawless, producing not only an appealing online platform but also a highly functional integrated web store that continues to deliver value. I’d easily recommend her for your design needs, as you can trust her to listen to your needs and concerns and integrate those with her sharp eye for design.”


“When I need to tour a paranormal book, my first choice is always Dark World Books. Franny and her staff really listen to me and tailor my tours to my needs. They then do a phenomenal job of promoting the tour, all the while keeping me informed along the way. I never hesitate to recommend them. I look forward to working with Dark World Books for my next paranormal tour.”


“Thanks, Franny, for a great tour experience. You have been prompt and professional from the start and delivered what you promised. I have many more potential readers who are now aware of my book thanks to you and your bloggers. Special kudos to those who reviewed the book – they did a stellar job. Often, reviewers give away major spoilers, something that I as an author and a reader deplore. But your reviewers described how the story and characters touched their hearts and minds and made me want to read the book that I wrote. LOL Thank you so much again for all your hard work and prompt replies to my emails. I look forward to our next tour together.”


“For my last book release, the bundled Holiday duet I published with Kate Roth called Mistletoe & Hollywood (featuring an Eversea novella) I chose Dark World Books to best represent and market our book. The whole process was easy and even while I got stressed and busy, Franny calmly emailed me and gently messaged me little reminders so that I could stay on task to get the bloggers and reviewers the original interviews etc. they required. It was a wonderful experience, it was effective and professional, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dark World Books to anyone looking to receive exposure for their book.”


“I feel very fortunate to have worked with Silvia in the creation of my blog. Silvia was able to convey the feel and look of what I desired easily and efficiently and I am thrilled with the results. My blog is beautiful, functional and – I think – very up to the moment in terms of style, layout and accessibility. Silvia also works very quickly and her patience in dealing with my not-so-technical quirks has been invaluable! Without the graphics savvy and know-how of Silvia, my blog would not exist! I look forward to working with Silvia on other graphics projects in the near future, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to have a clever, well designed and unique look for their work.”


“Writing a book is hard enough, but to do all of your promotional marketing yourself is downright impossible. As an author, I rely on the assistance and services of other talented creatives to garner attention for my books in the online marketplace. My experience working with Franny and Silvia on the recent book tour for The Corvids – Book One: Autumn, was a wonderful opportunity to relax in the efficient and capable hands of two personable and hard-working individuals and know that everything that needed to be accomplished would indeed be accomplished.

I would recommend Dark World Books to anyone seeking to add trustworthy and innovative team members to their projects. I know I will definitely utilize their services once more for the summer-time book tour of my second instalment in The Corvids series!”


“My experience with Dark World Books was fantastic! Their communication with me was swift, comfortable, and friendly, and they worked hard to compile a fantastic and enthusiastic team of bloggers for my review tour, many of whom cross-posted their reviews to other sites after their tour stop as well. It helped boost my exposure and the feedback from the reviews was helpful to me, and from what I saw in the comments, potential future readers as well! All in all, I’d say it was a successful tour, and I couldn’t have done it without the Dark World Books team!”


“I’d highly recommend Silvia for all graphic designing needs. I’ve worked with her on three projects now for my personal blog, web page, book cover edits, and tour banners. Each time Silvia has shone! She goes up and beyond the call of duty, is always available, and remains a constant professional. Through it all she creates beautiful work that her clients can be proud of.”


“Franny and Silvia were so easy to work with. I’d never done a tour before, and they held my hand the entire time, answering all my questions and making suggestions as needed. They’re both very personable ladies who made me feel at ease every step of the way. I’d definitely recommend Dark World Books to other authors, especially for niche genres such as dark erotica. As an author, I’ve become accustomed to being rated on a star scale for my fiction; in the case of Dark World Books, I give them five stars for their enthusiasm and expertise in promoting books.”


“Working with Dark World Books on my first ever blog tour was incredible. Such a supportive team, they made sure to answer all of my questions and help me get The Vanguard Legacy series ‘out there’. I’ll be back!”


“Dark World Books is a wonderful company! They are the kind of people who give everything they do that personal touch. And the help, support, and quality I received from them was like no other. I can’t wait to work with them again in the future.”


“When I was considering the pros and cons of having a cover reveal tour, I realised the most important aspect was working with a reliable team that treated me more than just a client. To me trust is important. So when a good friend of mine used Dark World Books for her cover reveal tour, I was immediately interested in working with them. After a few emails with Franny, I knew I had found that team that I could trust.
I have found Dark World Books to be reliable and enthusiastic. The enthusiasm ultimately won me over. Franny, Silvia and their team put their clients and their books first. In both book tours they were as excited as I was. That got me excited. For Book Tours that work, their is only one team I trust: Dark World Books. For a team that will push your book as hard as you would yourself, their is only one team I would recommend: Dark World Books.”


“Indie authors are under enormous pressure to ensure their work is professionally packaged before publication. Dark World Books offers the full-spectrum services an author needs–from manuscript evaluation to cover production to book touring and promotion. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with the DWB team on all fronts and I couldn’t ask for a better experience. The service was timely and personal, individualized and professional. I like to think of Dark World Books as my personal team. Highly recommended!”


“While looking for book tour companies, I knew I wanted someone fairly small since I had heard that some of the bigger companies have grown too large to be effective. I also wanted someone who would be willing to hold a complete newbie’s hand. I had heard nothing but good things about Dark World Books, so I thought I’d give them a try.
That was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I can’t speak highly enough about them. They Tweeted and Facebooked my individual stops throughout the tour, and were professional, prompt, and polite when I obviously had no idea what I was doing. I will sing their praises to everyone I know, and I’ll definitely use them in the future.
Thank you, Dark World Books, for an amazing book tour.”


“This is the second time Franny and Silvia have organized my book blog tour, and I’m proud to say it was just as successful. It’s evident that they know what they are doing. Their communication from the very beginning made the whole tour process simple and time efficient so I can do what I’m best at – writing. There is no doubt in my mind that I will work with them again.”


“I contacted Silvia to design my website. I adored the graphics and general design of her own blog, Darkest Sins, and knew she created trailers, book covers and blog designs for writers and bloggers.
Her replies to all my queries were prompt and helpful. I gave Silvia a very general idea of what I’d like for my own website, wanting it to reflect my work as an author of paranormal fiction. The design she came up with suited my needs perfectly, and I was delighted with the result.
I’ve also worked with Silvia and Franny on a blog tour and would happily work with them both again. They’re friendly, professional, talented and reliable.”


“I am thrilled with work that has been done for my blog. Silvia had an intuitive ability of tailoring the graphics & design to my taste. Her distinctive and beautiful artwork, with classy, functional layout, work perfectly for my purposes. It’s great being able to have the graphics to use them on my Facebook page as well. All work and communications are carried out efficiently, professionally, and with a smile. I doubt I shall tire looking at my blog banner. A top notch job!  I highly recommend her services.”


“I was dissatisfied with the service I was receiving from a publisher and I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t sure if I was right to be unhappy with how I was being treated, and I didn’t have enough experience to know if my situation was the norm in author/publisher relationships. Silvia and Franny were the first people I turned to. I knew that they had the knowledge and experience to help me, and I knew that I could trust them to handle all the information with discretion. I was not in any way disappointed. I came away from a very upsetting and stressful situation feeling reassured. Not only did they source all the relevant information I needed, they were also able to clarify that I was right to be unhappy  with the service I’d received from the publisher. They have since steered me onto the path that is right for me. I will gladly continue to employ their services until the day comes when no longer need to.”


“Absolutely thrilled to bits! Silvia has produced an absolutely gorgeous promotional cover for my book, and a banner for my FB and website pages, and I’m delighted with both. Speedy, efficient, beautifully presented result… highly, HIGHLY recommended :)”


“Reaching new readers requires technical know-how and creativity, both of which Silvia has in abundance. Her book trailers capture the essence of the story while giving potential readers an incentive to look closer. I found the production process smooth and painless, from start to finish, something this busy author always appreciates. I heartily recommend this lady’s expertise.”


“As an author, it’s becoming more and more evident how important the Internet is to my career. This is most often, where we connect with other authors and even more importantly, our readers. Wanting to put my best foot forward, I spent countless hours tying to revamp my blog until I finally had to face facts. I am a writer, NOT a graphic designer.
Reaching this conclusion, I hired the awesomely talented Silvia. She wove her computer magic and turned my boring one-page template design into a customized, full functioning multi-paged blog that I am extremely proud of.
Silvia not only designed my blog, but she manages it as well. If I need to add or change anything, all I have to do is e-mail her and she takes care of it for me so I can concentrate on doing what I do—which is writing.”


“Working with Silvia and Franny at Dark World Books is like walking into your favorite coffee shop or bookstore. Instantly you know you’ll be well taken care of with professional and authentically friendly service. I’ve worked with Dark World Books on all my blog tours and will continue to do so! Dark World Books is fabulously top notch!”


“Dark World Books hosted the blog and review tour for my publication with Natasha Boyd, Mistletoe & Hollywood. They were incredibly easy to work with. They took care of all the hard stuff and they kept me updated with what they needed from me in a timely manner. The women of Dark World Books are professional, efficient and kind and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for great marketing and a smooth-running blog tour!”


“Franny’s editing skills were invaluable when it came to helping me polish my book for publishing. She was very professional and prompt in her replies, and it was fantastic how she caught all those little errors that had managed to slip through, as well as offer suggestions on scenes that she did not feel were working. I would recommend Franny and her Dark World Books team to anyone in need of editing.”


“I was thrilled to have Silvia design a book cover for my novel. She did a fantastic job in creating the cover for Shadow Embraced, she looked at the story and created a cover that really portrayed the main character and I would highly recommend Silvia’s graphics design skills for anyone in need of a book cover.”


“Silvia really out did herself when she created a trailer for my book. She found video that really suited the mood and theme of the story and was able to edit the trailer around music that I provided her to create an outstanding trailer.”


“I didn’t know what to expect with Dark World Books. I had tried a couple other tour companies but wasn’t really happy with them. I was really pleasantly surprised with Dark World Books’ review tour! Franny followed through and made sure my reviews were posted on all the blog sites. She promoted the tour through social media and was very professional and responded quickly back with any questions I had through the whole process. I would definitely do another review tour with Dark World Books!”


“Finding a talented and trustworthy video editor is one of the biggest challenges facing an author. But, with a little patience, a touch of perseverance, and—let’s face it—a whole lotta luck, the right person comes along and magic happens.

Well, we all know that the best magic doesn’t just happen … it’s performed. And that’s just what Silvia does: she takes an author’s ideas, concepts, dreams, etc., and translates them into stunning visual magic.

That’s why Silvia is the official video editor of Vaempires. Sure, you can choose someone else to do it, but don’t blame me if all you end up with is cheap parlor tricks.”