How to Getting Rid of a Creepy Roommate?

Do you have a roommate who isn’t as good as they should have been? Too many people are living with roommates who are straight out of a horror movie and shouldn’t be anywhere near you. If that’s a situation you can agree with, it’s time to look at getting rid of them as soon as you can.

So, what are the options you’re going to have to get rid of a roommate and not have to deal with a controversial encounter while doing so?

Here are the options you’re going to have.

1) Leave The Lights On

You should start leaving the lights on. This is one of the best ways to annoy them and works with most roommates. If you can keep the lights on as they’re sleeping, you are going to annoy them a lot. They might voice their opinion, but it’s your apartment too. So, they will be the ones who have to leave.

2) Make Smelly Foods

What about cooking foods that have a stench to them? This might not be pleasant for you either, but it’s going to do the trick faster than most other things would out of this list.

So, you should look into it.

3) Buy Blenders

A roommate will want a placeĀ in NYC that’s quiet and won’t enjoy being put in a spot where they have to hear blenders going off at odd hours. If that’s something you can afford, you should be getting it going as soon as you know the roommate is a creep.

Don’t let things settle in as that’s when a roommate is going to be more than willing to take what you are sending their way. You don’t want them to get cozy as that’s when it gets harder to dislodge their presence.