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Fantasy Books For Children Is A Must

fairy-tales-1732488_640Every child loves to listen to fantasy stories because through them their imagination can run wild. They can have adventures only possible in their dreams. In these dreams, the world is safe and they know no unhappiness.

Some of our favorite childhood stories have been brought to life in movies and books. All of us no doubt have a favorite that still touches our heart when we hear it. That is the power these stories can have on ones life even at an early age.

How fascinating was it to listen to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Poor Jack made a bad decision by taking the beans, yet how exciting when those beans grew into a giant stalk that led straight up to the sky! We were filled with curiosity as he climbed up that beanstalk as to what was up there. Would it be like Trenton or would it be magical?

Every girl can relate to the story of Cinderella. Made to feel ugly, dirty and worthless and nothing but a servant she won the hearts of every little girl who felt sorry for her. We wanted her to go to the ball so badly, and how thrilled we were when the fairy godmother gave her everything she wanted.

Every child wanted to visit Neverland with Peter Pan. This story is still a favorite for many with dreams of flying with pixie dust, meeting Indians and mermaids, and fighting with pirates! How much we loved listening to this story and never wanted to grow up.

Fantasy stories are huge in a child’s life and will be with them even as they grow up. Never do they tire of listening to them being read, or reading them on their own as they grow older and even watching the movie version. Let us continue to give our children stories like these, for they are only young once and dreams do matter.

The Most Common Tropes In Fantasy Literature

moon-625450_640If you have ever sat down with a fantasy novel, you have probably noticed that certain tropes make frequent appearances. Tropes are a part of any literary genre, and fantasy is no different.

These are some of the most common tropes found in fantasy literature. Many of the world’s most beloved fantasy novels use these tropes in some way.

Good vs. Evil

The majority of fantasy stories are a tale of good triumphing over evil. Most stories star a hero; many heroes are of royal blood. The villain that they have to triumph over is typically some sort of dark lord. The dark lord often uses magic as their primary weapon.

The Quest

In fantasy tales, the hero usually needs to go on some sort of request. The quest may require them to defeat some kind of beast, or to claim a magical item. While they are on their quest, the hero will meet people that will eventually help them to overcome the dark lord.


Fantasy literature typically draws its inspiration for European folklore. Because of this, it is normal to see knights, lords and ladies, and other things that are associated with European stories from this time.


As mentioned above, magic is an important part of fantasy stories. Many authors try to imagine what Europe would have been like if magic had been a party of it. Magical creatures, such as dragons, wizards, and fairies, are also very common.

Although these tropes do not appear in every fantasy novel, all of them are very common. If you examine the novels you read more closely, you will be able to see the impact that these tropes had one them. While many authors try to subvert common tropes, most writers are influenced by them in some shape or form.

Beserk Maybe?

We want to chill you, thrill you and fulfill you. These animes are not only beautiful as they should be, they are quite dark. These animes combine the expected violence in a fantasy way that really makes a statement. What do you think? Does this list of the top 10 dark animes meet your requirements?